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Horse stalls

Red Rock Ranch in Palmer Alaska has newly constructed secure stable stall facilities to board horses during winter seasons. We offer a dry stall with comfortable room for your horse to roam as well as multiple fields to turn them out (weather permitting) and a dry barn to allow them to get some exercise during the cold seasons. We feed each horse hay twice a day and ensure constant supply of fresh well water, hay is provided by us, however grain and other supplements must be provided by owner. We provide stall cleaning and maintenance and have storage areas for tack and other supplies. We have well trained handlers that can answer questions and will have a firm understanding of how you want your horse handled. Grain or other forms of food(provided by you) will be given during meals or specifically requested times. We can also equip blankets during cold snaps if you provide one for them. Monthly cost of stalls will be $400.00 dollars and the price of hay is included in the payment. Cash or check only.